The Rise of Jung

The Rise of Jung and the New Adolescent Psychology describes the author’s Jungian action research journey over the past ten years. That is, her ‘heroic’ voyage toward Jung and fantasy fiction for youth mental health and healing. 
The Rise of Jung is a hands-on practical guide to action research (in light of Jung’s archetypes) and it contains the theory and imagery that accompany the books: 1. The Universal Child,   2. Shadows of Sylvaheim, and  3. Psychology and Spirituality in Young People. That is, everything that together makes up Universal Psychology.
All books intentionally refer to the mythic heroic narrative and images that young people can relate to, internalise and embrace. Together, all books cover the child, preteen, teen, and young adult years. 
They also offer a practical example of Dr Allison Waller’s Fantastic Realism genre as a window to our reality, our psychological and spiritual health as promoted by Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and the ancient Stoic philosophers. For example, The Sylvaheim Odyssey uses magic, metamorphosis, riddles and prophecy to describe two teenage siblings’ heroic journey from the real world to a fantasy universe and back again.
All stories additionally use images to capture young adult readers’ imagination, to nurture and connect with their heart, mind and spirit, and to add a more realistic flavour to help reinforce the story’s messages.