Story Image Tool Examples

Every Story Image Tool contains symbolic themes and images. Like mythological stories, they are the ‘little treasures of life’, designed to capture a young person’s imagination.

Tools include: digital song stories, mythology-based narratives, poster images, booklets, handouts, audiobooks and other 3D resources such as multicultural dolls, animal models and products of nature.

With a focus on the natural and historical worlds combined, Story Image Tools are a source of discussion for any parent/carer, teacher, counsellor or therapist who wants to instantly improve connection and communication with young people.


Examples of Story Image Tools include:


    Metaphorical stories and images (allegories) to reinforce mental health messages

    Reading/writing instruments and story-writing methods to aid in reflection

    Art therapy resources to uncover unconscious, universal and personal messages


    Books to prompt discussion, facilitate connection and enhance understanding


    3D models to help create our own ‘symbolic’ narrative of ourselves and the world


    Fantastic stories and images that provide a portal to an alternate, historical reality


    Mythological references to capture the heart, mind and the active imagination


    Workshop materials offering a young reader/writer a metaphorical ‘Window to Self’

    Booklets as bibliotherapy to help reinforce mental health psychology/philosophy


     Psychology self-help and theory-based books to improve mental health literacy


     Stories and images to enhance individual connection to Self, Spirit and Nature