Story Image Therapy vs Story Image Tools

What’s the difference?


As an overview of Story Image Psychology (Story Image Therapy and Story Image Tools), please see below:

Story Image Therapy

Employs a Jungian psychodynamic method

Is used by trained SIT expressive therapists 

Is designed for one-to-one counselling

Created for teens, preteens, and adults (all ages)

Facilitates ‘in-depth analysis’ of an issue/s

Is a mythic and heroic therapeutic technique 

Based on Campbell’s hero journey 

Based on Jung’s depth psychology insights

Explores ancient psychology, philosophy, mythology


 Story Image Tools

A range of educational/therapeutic resources

Are used by parents, teachers, or counsellors

Designed for two or more individuals for discussion

Resources are for teens, preteens and adults (all ages)

Aids as a general information delivery vehicle  

‘Tools’ are based on mythic and heroic principles

‘Tools’ are designed around Campbell’s hero journey

‘Tools’ are grounded in Jung’s depth psychology

Contains ancient Stoic philosophy information