Story Image Therapy & Tools have been used by several organisations, in various ways, since their inception. For example, one local Indigenous counselling organisation requested for Toula to design some Story Image Tools to address the child safety needs identified in the Carmody Report (2013).

Entitled the Indigenous RAFT Program, here is what they had to say:


Other Testimonials:

“I’m delighted that you found my book useful and that it is proving to be a valuable concept in your ongoing clinical work. It’s so interesting to hear the connections between my literary research and Jungian psychology, particularly in a practice-based context, and not just theorising on the page.” Dr Alison Waller, Author of Constructing Adolescence in Fantastic Realism and Senior Lecturer, Children’s Literature, University of Roehampton, London.


“It was a pleasure to work with you in the creation of your young adult novel during your Doctorate in Creative Arts research degree. The end result is an innovative blend of ancient myths and stoic philosophy with a clear message of mental well being. I think readers from 13 to 15 will find this fantasy work a resource in increasing resilience.” Dr Clare Archer-Lean, Discipline Leader English, University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


“Yours is a ‘novel’ approach to improving the mental health of young people. You cleverly interweave ancient philosophy and psychology into a fantasy fiction text that should appeal to a wide variety of youth. Congratulations Toula on producing this unique resource.” Dr Paul Williams, Program Leader, Creative Writing and Publishing, School of Creative Industries, University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


“Toula has created an exceptional teaching and learning tool to address youth mental health concerns. Her books offer a unique way of storytelling to explain mental health concepts in a way that young people can understand and relate to.” Associate Professor Maria Raciti, Head of Marketing and Co-Leader of Transcultural and Indigenous Pedagogies Resarch Group, University of the Sunshine Coast. 


“What an amazing book you have. It is filled with adventure and history and subliminal advice. You’ve done a great job with it … This story is an imaginative and thrilling read with well-developed and relateable characters. I understood every exciting chapter and character you created. The twist at the end, and the way it all came together, has given this book a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying ending … I absolutely loved this book!” Ms Marianne Curley, international bestselling YA fantasy author of Old Magic, The Guardians of Time trilogy and The Avena series.