Depression and Story Image Tools

The Tornado video below is an example of how a Story Image Tool, a digital song-story that employs reading and music modes, can be used. This ‘tool’ is a useful conversation starter to help explain depression to a young person in the Talk to Teens or The Mythic Toolbox program, or  as part of Story Image Therapy to discuss, and potentially treat, an individual experiencing depression.

The song-story is combined with a poster image, The Tornado of Depression, and Story 1 of The Universal Child, to reinforce the mental health messages contained in the story.

The song describes depression as a tornado in which a person can get ‘swept up’ and ‘carried away’ by their negative thoughts. The imaginary line refers to a point at which an individual is unable to ‘bring themselves out’ of their depressive state, and may need alternate therapies (and/or possible medication) to lift themselves out of their depression:

Video: The Tornado


YouTube video


Supplemental Materials

      Poster Image: The Tornado of Depression

      Story 1 of Book 1: The Tornado of Depression in the Talk to Teens program