The Magic of Jung

The Magic of Jung describes how an individual’s soul can be liberated through the the practical application of Universal Psychology: Story Image Therapy (SIT).
The Magic of Jung: The Rise of a New Youth Psychology Through Jungian Action Research describes the author’s  ‘Jungian action research’  journey over the past decade. That is, research conducted in consultation with youth and in light of Jung’s archetypes, such as the Wounded Healer. The result was a liberation of her own soul, and the souls of the young people she now teaches and counsels.
The Magic of Jung offers the author’s personal history, as well as several case examples, using Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. It incorporates aspects of her books (such as how to navigate the Midway Forest in order to reach Sylvaheim, and it contains The Scorpion and The Frog story). In the book, Dr Gordillo explains why she has a focus on ‘fantastic’ storytelling and mystic experiences that led to her affinity with Jung, and how this helps her clients.
The Magic of Jung forms part of the Sylvaheim Series: The Universal Child, Shadows of Sylvaheim, and Sylvaheim Explained.
All SIT stories use images to capture a young readers’ imagination, to nurture their souls and help them to connect with their heart, mind, body and spirit.
The Magic of Jung contains Dr Gordillo’s personal journey, to “Navigate the Midway Forest” of her own adolescence, to help others