The Story Image Tools that may be used in Story Image Therapy, or as educational resources more generally, commence with four books. These are the stories, and they are the starting point to teaching or counselling.

Book 1 of the Talk to Teens program

Book 1: The Universal Child (a compendium of twelve stories for preteens ages 8-12)

Book 2 of the Talk to Teens program

Book 2: I Dream of the Scorpion and Frog (a small book that goes together with book 1 for preteens, teens and adults)




Book 1 of The Bifrost Duet

Book 1: Discovering the Bifrost (a Young Adult fantasy novel for older teens and young adults aged 14+)




Book 2 of The Bifrost Duet

Book 2: Illuminating the Bifrost: A Mythic Connection to Youth Mental Health (information about Story Image Therapy and Tools, fantasy fiction for mental health, and a collection of forty poster images that are used in conjunction with the fantasy novel for ages 14+)