Hello. My name is Dr Toula Gordillo and I have an organisation called Talk to Teens. Talk to Teens is about helping parents, teachers and counsellors to “Talk to Teens (and preTeens and young adults) Through ancient and modern STORIES & IMAGES.”

I use STORIES & IMAGES to help improve young people’s holistic health… and the results have been AMAZING. 


I write Junior fiction, Young Adult fiction, and Psychology self-help books. All books are available for purchase at Amazon or Feather Knight Books, and together they form a new Universal counselling and teaching method I call Story Image Therapy (SIT)®. 

SIT uses Story Image Tools (including books, booklets, poster images and cards) to deliver mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and philosophical health information to ALL individuals.                              To find more about me click on the ” About ” Tab.


When it comes to modern health and wellness, my mantra is simple:

the more stories and images,
the better